Tuesday, 18 December 2007

For Metody


Jane Llewellyn said...

You are a much nicer woman than me! When I saw that my ex-fiancee had been spreading falsehoods all around the place, I put a pox on him;-)

lilith said...

Nicer? LJ? I don't think so...Metody will be plagued with dreams of dogs in coats, inbetween tearful outbursts..

Jon said...

Not dreams, Lilith, but nightmares.

If God had meant dogs to wear coats he would have given them shoulders.

Jane Llewellyn said...

Ah Lilith.. you're a cleverer woman than me then!

Trubes said...

Hey up Chikys I`m totally confused, why does the Quasi man keep appearing, Put a "pox" on all bad people, say I !

All over to Trubes for a Christmas laugh !

Short jokes only !

Lots of love to you Lilith, Elby a Pup Pig, and most of all, Darling Daughter. xxxxxxxx

Metody Jankowiak said...

Płyniesz, Olzo, po dolinie,
Płyniesz, jak przed laty,
Takie same na twym brzegu
Kwitną wiosną kwiaty.

A twe wody w swoim biegu,
Się nie zamąciły;
I tak samo lśnią się w słońcu,
Jak się dawniej lśniły.

Ale ludzie w życiu swojem
Zmienili się bardzo;
Zwyczajami, wiarą przodków
Ledwie że nie gardzą.

I dąb z dębem na twym brzegu,
Jak szumiał tak szumi;
Lecz wnuk starą mowę dziadów
Ledwie że rozumie.

Na twym brzegu dawnym śpiewem
Słowik się odzywa;
A dziś śliczne pieśni nasze
Ledwie że kto śpiewa!

Jordan w ziemi Chananejskiej,
Święte ma znaczenie:
W jego wodach Izraela
Lud brał oczyszczenie.

Więc z modlitwą uklęknąłem
W pokorze przed Panem:
Byś się stała, Olzo, takim
I dla nas Jordanem!

A tak kiedyś - gdy nad falą
Wiosną wiatr zawieje,
Wnuk usłyszy w fal twych szumie
Przodków swoich dzieje,

I usiędzie na twym brzegu
dumać nad przeszłością -
I żyć będzie dla swej ziemi
Czynem i miłością!

Philipa said...

Hee hee I love the look on the last dogs face!

lilith said...

Metody, I take it back, but nostalgia never did it for me.

lilith said...

Dennis, I particularly like coat number 3.

lilith said...

Merry Christmas Trubes!

lilith said...

But Lady Jane, you are 6'2" :-))))

lilith said...

Pip, the dachshund is the best :-)

Daisy said...

i will have to get pics of my dogs in their christmas garb and post them...they wait every morning to get them on...probably because i keep the heat low...lol

Electro-Kevin said...

The doggy in the blue jump suit is standing so ... provocatively.

Philipa said...

Crikey EK, you need to stay in more ;-)

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Lil...JRT says her collar is all she needs!

What are you doing Gal!

Actually, she sometimes has a waistcoat thing when she's in the Pinetum, as she always chases squirels and birds, and my arm is usually hanging off after an hour!

This makes glass lifting a problem...

On the other hand, so what; there's been a fantastic response to the Lapland Experience there, and we're all for it!

Take care L eh?

lilith said...

OMG Daisy! Do it.

lilith said...

I agree E-K. I am tempted to buy a yorkshire terrier just so that I can get it that jumpsuit.

lilith said...

He's a worry, isn't he Pip?

lilith said...

Scrobs, and very smart she looks too! I did see a dog tshirt once that just said Security on it. I thought that was good. But the sheepskin booties I saw on a whippet in New York had a similar effect on me as seeing a dog in a coat had on Metody.

Christmas holidays are here officially today so I am shlepping about a la Tony Soprano in my bath robe drinking tea, as is my wont.

Philipa said...

Lil - I'm devastated; Newmania has revealed that oral sex increases the risk of throat cancer.

No more risque conversation for me then! Does risque blogging cause cancerous fingernails? Hmn.

I should get a puppy and go for long walks in the fresh air. Actually all these pictures you keep posting look so great it's made me consider getting the poppets a dog but after some thought I'm content to be inspired me to walk to school in the new year.

The bath robe look isn't complete without a cigarette, or at least a jos stick and a can of special brew.

The Hitch said...

the look on that last dogs face says it all
"FFS have a child and stop dressing me like a twat"
I used to put coats on my first two dogs, the last one, ARCHIE
took one look at his new coat and gave me a "put that on me Nick and you die" look.
So from then on he went as nature intended.

Jon said...

No, Hitch, I disagree. That's a look of apprehension, that is. Something nasty has been done to that dachshund in the recent past, perhaps more than once, and it is about to happen again.

lilith said...

Hence the raincoat, Dennis. I want to rescue him/her.

Anonymous said...

For once I agree with the Hitch - they are dogs not people and need to be treated with due respect - they also don't want to listen to endless monologues which they don't understand.

lilith said...

I agree with the Hitch on this too Anony. Although the second part of your post very much applies to humans as well as dogs.

lilith said...

I have the bathrobe look totally down Pip :-)

The Creator said...

Dear Lilith:

You probably won't see this given the vast number of comments your dogs in coats have generated but I have stuck a link to you on The Daily Brute.

Like your pal Dennis, you are unreasonably funny.

I am very jealous.

The Creator said...

PS, For Greatful Dead do you mean Grateful Dead?

Just asking.

lilith said...

Why thank you Creator! And I am totally carp at spelling and you are right. Feel free to put me straight. I shall link right back.

Philipa said...

LOL Lil :-D

BTW I happened across this - I have no words.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

The one in the flourescent coat looks like he's been on traffic control duty all day, and has seen a few near-misses.

Great post Lilith.

Have a good Christmas.

Anonymous said...

... a dog's life?
... a dog's dinner?
... dog's bollox
... dog in a manger?
... hangdog expressions?

... etc

Take your pick!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.