Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Fresh from Las Vegas

Mr Olympia!

I guess that is one way of spending time...


Anonymous said...

I told kev not to send you my photo!
Seriously has this man been drinking ronseal?

lilith said...

Boyfriend thought that, Hitch. About the Ronseal. The sad thing is, to get a body like that, you have to starve yourself, having gorged yourself, pump all the blood in your body AWAY from your penis, with obvious consequences, and then paint your body with graphite. And wear a lycra posing pouch.

The Hitch said...

well im lucky
Eve just writes me a prescription for steroids and speedos
MY mother varnished me last christmas and it still looks good
Sort of like the bastard love child of david dickinson and arnie.

The Hitch said...

didnt look at his cock
he hasnt got one lol

what is the point of that?
trying to be hyper manly and you pack a maggot and two walnuts
maybe that why he took up body building

Electro-Kevin said...

I suppose the activity keeps him off the streets.

Blood away from the penis ? It would take years for me to get like that then ;-)

lilith said...

Glad to hear it Kev!

The Hitch said...

its only a tiny amount of blood ! lol