Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Supermarkets, and why they shouldn't be allowed to rule the world.

Morrisons Supermarket Manager refuses to sell wine to 71 year old man because he will not "confirm he is over 21."


Scroblene said...

Oh Lilith!

Mrs S should be answering this one, but I'll paraphrase, (with expletives deleted...)

Our Sainsbury's has several checkouts with unde-age girls and lads. Most of them are good at their job, but are hampered when they have to indicate drinks going through, as there has to be a supervisor giving the OK.

We always put all our drinks first, as they are heavy, and go at the bottom of the bag to stop Mrs S's culinary condiments and comestibles being crushed to pulp. (And before you say anything, yes, the drinks items are heavy; very heavy...)

Now, the rule is that the under-agers have to check drinks last, after they've got permission. So they have to be loaded at the back of the belt.

Mrs S has threatened them with all sorts of complaints, but they seem oblivious to our requirements for an orderly exit without loads of their flapping bloody orange bags.

electro-kevin said...

A typical beaureacratic mutation.

It's not just supermarkets - the recent imbroglio concerning hand luggage on airlines as an example. Similar things happen with PACE (police stops) and also inumerable instances of 'computer says "No." ' up and down the land with regard to any enquiry or transaction. Then there's the Human Rights Act ...

Micro management has taken away individual discretion and crushed common sense. In fact I went on a union rep course where the very term 'common sense' was banned as being politically incorrect.

The checkout worker was probably scared of being ageist and politically incorrect and the manager (probably younger than the cashier) wanted to show solidarity with her.

What a mess. I don't expect that the failure of parents and teachers to instill courtesy helped much either.

Lilith said...

I bought six bottles of wine for £555 in Sainsbury's the other day, on the basis that it is a better investment than gold (and a building society account.) Nobody asked how old I was but I was escorted to the "Information" till, presumably on the basis that the kids on the tills couldn't cope with such a purchase..

idle said...

lil, I'm worried about your wine investment purchases. I am not an out and out expert, but I get up to a lot of investment in wine, learned at my Daddy's knee, and it has never involved supermarkets. I have contacts. Advice given free.

Lilith said...

Don't worry Idle. I haven't found the wine cheaper anywhere else. In fact the next cheapest was £15 more per bottle. Sainos here very occasionally buys fine wines in. Very occasionally. Freaky, but true. They go as soon as they hit the shelf. Boyfriend would ordinarily buy from Penfolds themselves but Penfolds are much more expensive in this instance.

Lilith said...

But that doesn't mean I don't need advice...some advice would be lovely!