Sunday, 2 September 2007



Scroblene said...



You're sure to enjoy him, and see how fit you'll get in the process!

Mind you, if you've been living in a field, you probably are already!

Tesco does an good cheap insurance too if you're doing one.

Lucky you!

The Hitch said...

nice dog
I bet your carpets stink

idle said...

Should have cropped the photo. We can see you made a terrible mistake and bought a PUPPET instead of a PUPPY.


Lilith said...

He's a LOVE!

No, carpets ok so far...he is pretty smart and knows where his lav is even if he doesn't always make it (too much to explore!)

electro-kevin said...

You're not going to call him Pig are you ?

Well you make sure you don't have to call him as you're walking past a cop.

A neighbour of mine was for ever getting in trouble in our largely black community - she had a dog called Digger.

Lilith said...

I suppose we could call him "Filth" E-K? Would that be better?

He's Pig, because he has a curly tail, a big nose, front paws like trotters and he makes little grunting noises.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...


He's so adorable! I want him! Please give him a cuddle from the Mermaid!! xxxxxxxxx

45govt said...