Sunday, 2 September 2007

Doris Day, A fine song.


Newmania said...

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Scroblene said...

Lilith; she was an icon when I was a sprog!

I always remember a chum at school saying that 'Move over Darling', would be a surprise hit in the sixties; and he was absolutely right!

Where do you get all this from eh?
You're not related are you?

Webley-Bullock said...


Flibbertigibett is Doris Day...

Still, £1,950 is quite a sum of money old Girl; what?

Well done that Woman!

Lilith said...

I think this is the creamiest most tantalising pop song I ever heard Scrobs. It was part of a soundtrack to something that was more "my day" but I completely forget what. The song remains...:-)