Sunday, 16 September 2007

Dog Brothers

This is Boris (with the white tail tip and feet) and Pig. They had a fantastic time together.

They are fabulous little dogs, very quick to learn.


The Hitch said...

I want £ 5 on boris to win

Scroblene said...

Good pics Lilith!

How big is Pig going to get? We've just bought another extending lead, as JR terrier still tries to wrench my arm out of it's socket. Mrs S feels better about it though, (the lead, not the arm), and I can enjoy a walk without fear of surgery every five minutes!

Lilith said...

Obviously you are not convinced, Hitch or you'd put more on Boris than that.

These are gorgeous dogs. There are two left (male, 10 weeks old, well adjusted and very smart) needing homes. D'ya want one Hitch? Might sort you out.

Scroblene, he may get to be Collie sized. The vet thought he would be biggish. He is slightly longer and taller than Boris, but more terrier like.

When we looked after a massive mutt Boyfriend would deliberately get the dog to do similar adjustments to his shoulder. The swift and considerable pull on his right arm seemed to sort out his shoulder pain!

electro-kevin said...

A couple of chunky-monkeys there. A pity they don't stay like that, all puppy-ish.

We got a cat from the rescue centre, he's lovely - likes his cuddles and wouldn't hurt a fly.

Lilith said...

Er EK, is this the same cat that likes to attack your face after sex? (Not with the cat, obviously)

electro-kevin said...

Ah. Yes, that incident.

Harrumph !

True Blue said...

Hi Lilith, Pig`s "centre fold" picture is much prettier than `arry P and his `orse ! Boris is gorgeous,I`d love one of those dawgies but, sadly Darling Trubes is allergic to them.