Thursday, 6 September 2007

Australian security is as good as ours!


nomad said...

Hi Lilith - just got back from a week's walkabout in Oz, so I was up close and personal much of this.

The reaction of the police spokesman to this "event" was inept, laughable and truly pathetic, and to say that well they were arrested anyway is simply outrageous. They should have been stopped at the first checkpoint - not right in front of the main hotel!

If I were the head of a delegation's (especially the American )security I would be demanding answers as to how this bogus convoy even got past the first checkpoint. Surely officers manning checkpoints must have been given a list of who was expected and at what time. These things are run like clockwork to ensure that the various dignatories arrive at their destination in proper sequence and within their 2 minute time window. Security people manning checkpoints along the way must know who they are expecting to come along. Anyone not on their list should be stopped and a quick radio call to central control will give instant confirmation that all is in order. The sight of f;lags on a posh car does not mean it should not be checked if there is any doubt about its authenticity. That is what the checkpoint is for.

Having locked down vast areas of Sydney and environs, the Australians would have been made to look exceptionally stupid and inept if this had been a genuine terrorist attempt and the whole shebang had been blown sky high!! Whoever was in charge of security, and the checkpoint leaders, should get a severe bollocking for their incompetence over this incident.

Lilith said...

It is pretty pathetic isn't it Nomad.