Saturday, 29 September 2007

Desert Island Disks # ?

Especially if there were palm trees and white sand on this Island.

Discovered on Guido: People I give you Stanislav, the young Pole

Stanislav, a young Pole said...

Stanislav explain nappy shambles. Only pay attention because english inferior of Polski variety.

In eighteenth century, in England was widespread practice of lampoon and satirise monarchy and politician, in pamphlet and illustration. Also on storybook by people like Swift (Gael like Guido)who say Fuck Off, all politician is meretricious cunt et cet., in so many words. Make allegory and metaphor. But also bawdy and vulgar and make much fun of Establishment arse and other parts; make scandalous reference to sexual exploits of rulers. True or not, is profane and outrageous and unspoken threat implicit in lampoon and satire is Go On Then, Deny It, You Cunt. Of course Establishment utter fucking degenerate in one way or other, and maybe worse ways than satirists say, maybe cannibals not just arse bandit, maybe necrophiliac; maybe make early form of Snuff movie, only no movie, of course, not invented, but participate anyhow in vile practice and then stand up in public and talk Moral Compass shit.

So Establishment just ignore commonplace accusation of being horrible, unspeakable fucking pervert degenerates and walk around like fucking saint, or next best thing,Fucking Son of Fucking Manse. People laugh out loud as dirty shit-eating scumbag hypocrite talk morality out of mouth stained fecal brown.

Time pass and people lose interest. Television come and Hollywood and Beatles; people sit around stupified by lust and envy and desperate longing for huge wealth and big car and pussy which Establishment say can have if only vote for me and work hard. Is call Jam Tomorrow and is rework of Christianity. In nineteen sixties bunch of lazy public school cunts - Richard Ingrams, Peter Cook and Christopher Booker make new satire, make Magazine, Private Eye, and start in again on calling all politicians thieving, lying, degenerate, kidnapping, blackmailing, back-stabbing, gun-running, drug-dealing, child molesting, arsonist, thieves, murderers, adulterous, paedophile homosexual, alcoholic, cross-dressing wife beaters. Bit like Scotchmen, really. And making cartoons for make politiicans look like the cunts they all are, without exception, but especially Jack Straw. This go on for forty year and become itself part of Establishment. Cunt Hislop, poisonous fat dwarf and TV personality is editor of Private Eye and friend of Establishment. Worst kind of cunt. Make awards to politicians. Hislop almost honourary M fucking P. Cunt.

And then, along come Guido, more accurate along come BlogWorld. And people are ranting and raving about thieving cunt politician, lying, inbred web-toed monarchy parasite who can't squeeze own toothpaste but have fucking poorly-paid bumboy to do for. Who marry fucking deranged neurotic spoilt bitch lunatic slapper, make fucking heirs to fucking throne while still fuck wife of fellow officer in British Army and everybody go: Oh Yes your majesty, fuck my wife, Oh No, Sir, please fuck my wife, don't bother fucking your own wife, she's fucking half the NHS. OK Yah.

Is explosion of resentment on internet. Newspaper is shit, same couple of hundred cunts all switch around . Write what told by criminal like Lord Fucking Black and slapperwife Tits Amiel and Fascist Cunt Murdoch. Do exactly as fucking told. Go on CuntDimbleby programmes and agree with what all other cunts say, get pissed, grab cheque and go in public toilet looking for love on way home. Go home and breath smell of BBC wine and semen. Get up write moralising column fof Daily Mail: Gerry and Cilla McCann are innocent, War with Portugal. Shit like that. Call journalism. People sick of all this shit being published and only letters from cocksuckers on letters pages.

Anyway, anonymously, the people rise up in cyberspace, say fuck off Andrew Rawnsley, jumped up Westminster rentboy in a suit, fuck off Polly Mascara, horrible old peroxide class traitor; fuck off Richard LittleCock, you fucking mouthy fucking pissed-up moron; fuck off Will Hitton with your phony fucking correspondence course economics, you fucking useless fucking gabshite con artist drunken arsehole; fuck off all you newspaper cunts. And, all of a sudden, we are back in the eighteenth century and the people are laughing like drains at the antics of the rulers.And the journalistst. The priesthood of the political writer, wherein sad old drunks like Anthony Howard sought to mediate, on our behalf, with the scum at the top, is defrocked. Nobody outside the charmed circle of medialand gives a fuck what Anthony Howard thinks, they would rather log-on to their favourite blogger and get the real shit and have a good rant, knowing that at least some of what they say will find it's target.

Stanislav, for instance, six month now, personally plant rocking horse blues all over fucking world. Not know if true there is picture of Gordon Brown wearing nappy sit on rocking horse, otherwise naked. Not know, not care. Doesn't matter. Read somehere that picture exist. Good enough. Stanislav personally spend many hours write masturbation satires of Gordon Brown Ace Wanker. So do many others, has been said so much that is now true; even if not, But is. Stanislav thrilled to read of Wanking Competition/Festival et cet., as though is just a fact of life. Whole country know that prime minister spend every spare minute in wanking frenzy. Job Done.

But here's what's true. the whole world has seen the Chancellor of the UK, as he then was, picking his nose and eating it. ON THE FRONT BENCH OF THE HOUSE OF FUCKING COMMONS IN FRONT OF SIX HUNDRED PEOPLE AND BILLIONS IN A WORLDWIDE TV AUDIENCE. His personal habits are more than a wee bit extreme for him to do this.

What else is true is that all his life he has been a bachelor gay; holidaying in the bastion of morality, Ted Chappaquiddick Kennedy's New England. At the age of fifty, however, with the prospect of Tony Blair at last being driven from office, Gordon felt a prime ministerly compulsion to get married and have children. At the age of fifty. So clever and capable and far-sighted is Gordon that he left marriage until an age when his sperm would only produce stillborn or disabled children. Now he pretends to us that he has been one-of-us, a hard working family man all his life. And not a bachelor gay. He got married of course to help his chances of being elected prime minister. That's a bit weirder than dressing up as a baby. On a rocking horse.

The rocking horse thing may be true, as in that it actually happened. Or it may just be true in the sense that so many -countless, maybe including George Dubya, he must've heard about it- people want it to be true and believe it to be true, that it is true. Like God. An article of faith. A Son of the Fucking Manse'd understand that.

Hope this make clear. Is popular uprising and people make payback to spinning cunt like Campbell. Gordon Brown facetious, platitudinous, moralising, incompetent, bombastic hypocrite; make illegal war, make mountain of debt, make filthy shithole hospital give Stanislav MRSA, make rich richer, poor poorer; make bankers rich, make poor people not afford buy home, take bribes for peerage and say Not Me, Guv; make dead babies when never should be father at fifty; talk non-stop about British Vahl -ewes, as though no other country was any good for fuck all, and hear dead father sermon in head.

I ask you. Does this cunt sit on a rocking horse dressed in a nappy ?

Bet your fucking life he does. And much, much worse.

4:04 AM, September 29, 2007

Desert Island Discs #3 in a series

Fantastic violin solo.

Blind Faith - Can't find my way home (Live)

This is for you Scroblene! It is one of my Desert Island Discs and now makes me think of you trying to get back from the pub :-)

Friday, 28 September 2007

The Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore

My Mum made me wear a fringe like this when I was small.

Imagine trying to get away with a video like this today!

My Ship Is Coming In - John Walker (2004)

To absent bloggers

Did you know this is Stevie Winwood singing aged 17?

I didn't. Love it.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

This is for Blair, Brown, Bush, Cheyney etc

This song is 45 years old.

Pig wants Hitch back.

(Click on pic to see the longing in his eyes)

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Conspiracy Theories #1 in a series.

Ok, Artemisia Annua. The Chinese have used it for 2000 years to treat fevers, malaria and parasite infestations. It grows easily in much of Africa (if introduced) as it has been, on a small scale. Recent studies have shown that one of its active ingredients has an anti-malarial effect. Artemisin. So drug companys are making Artemisin Tablets to treat Malaria. Great, you say. No, not so great. Because if you isolate the elements of Artemisia you lose other anti-malarial properties. What's more, the plant grows easily in poor dry conditions and a tea, made from the dried foliage,5grams a day for 4 to 7 days leaves the patient symptom free. People could grow it in the yard and have enough to treat the entire village. They could do this for nothing more than an inital outlay for seeds, as it self seeds. This would be much cheaper for them than buying PharmaGlobalInc.'s pills of isolated ingredient.

The World Health Organisation know all about Artemisia Annua. Why are they not encouraging people in Africa to grow this herb and treat themselves, saving lives, and helping to cut down reinfection? The other problem is that if you isolate an element of the plant, the malaria parasite develops resistance to that element:

"The World Health Organization (WHO) today requested pharmaceutical companies to end the
marketing and sale of "single-drug" artemisinin malaria medicines, in order to prevent malaria
parasites from developing resistance to this drug.
The use of single-drug artemisinin treatment - or monotherapy - hastens development of resistance by
weakening but not killing the parasite. When used correctly in combination with other anti-malarial
drugs in Artemisinin Combination Therapies (ACTs), artemisinin is nearly 95% effective in curing
malaria and the parasite is highly unlikely to become drug resistant.
To anticipate and prevent the onset and spread of drug resistance in the long term, WHO urges the
global malaria research community and the pharmaceutical industry to rapidly invest in the design of
the next generation of antimalarial drugs. By creating ACTs with multiple-drug combinations and
transmission blocking components, resistance can be prevented."

Yet, resistance can be prevented by people taking tea instead of pills. Three times as many people can be treated for the same yield of plant as can be treated by tablets made from the same yield. It makes no economic sense. It makes no scientific sense. It makes no human sense. If the WHO really cared about Malaria they would be educating people on the growing, harvesting, drying and tea-making with this plant.

Thursday, 20 September 2007


I am developing a huge spot in the middle of my forehead. I blame Electro-Kevin and an overdeveloped empathic nature. I thought I would post this picture of me taken before the spot takes over, as I may be scarred for life.

Jose Mourinho Is Always The Special One...

Here is some SERIOUS totty. Jose "The Referee is a Tit" Mourinho....DROOL...

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Supermarkets, and why they shouldn't be allowed to rule the world.

Morrisons Supermarket Manager refuses to sell wine to 71 year old man because he will not "confirm he is over 21."

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Dog Brothers

This is Boris (with the white tail tip and feet) and Pig. They had a fantastic time together.

They are fabulous little dogs, very quick to learn.

The New Political Class

This is an article by Peter Oborn on the shift in "the Establishment"

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Stolen from Frobisher

Well Ms J.(K) Rowling, what an imaginative ending for the Harry Potter series you came up with after all!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Friday, 7 September 2007

Stopping Blogging, Gone Dogging (hat tip Lucien)

As the proud guardian of darling Pig the Pup I find I am not having much time for blogging. (And when I do, I just want to read other people's blogs!) So posts will be less frequent, (unless I get uncontrollable urges)for the time being.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Australian security is as good as ours!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Doris Day, A fine song.


More Pig (Sorry, Lucien, it stuck)

He is a absolute darling...

Daughter says he is a BRD = Baby Replacement Dog....

Carpe Canem!

Our Little Dog is so, so lovely. Very smart, interested, curious. He has had his moments of anxiety and broken heartedness but all is sorted with a play and a cuddle. After crying for 20 mins last night he went through the night without another whimper and was mellow in his basket when Boyfriend went downstairs.