Friday, 31 August 2007

No 2 ID's latest newsletter

NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 79 - 31st August 2007
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Senior social workers have now warned of the dangers of ContactPoint, the £241 million new database intended to contain personal details of every child (and parent) in the country. The chairman of the Association of Directors of Children's Services (ACDS) Information Systems and Technology Policy Committee, Richard Stiff, has written to officials outlining "significant" concerns about ContactPoint [1]. Confusion over who is responsible for vetting the 330,000+ users and policing the system "may allow a situation where an abuser could be able to access ContactPoint for illegitimate purposes with limited fear of any repercussions."

The security of the entire system has been called into question, given that the details of a small number of children are likely to be excluded. We are led to believe this will include the offspring of celebrities and politicians - but if ContactPoint won't be secure enough for the children of pop stars and ministers, it won't be secure enough for anyone. ContactPoint will be going 'live' in 2008, so now is the time to act.

Write to your MP ( expressing your concerns, and asking if they would want or expect their child's and their own personal details to be 'shielded' on ContactPoint. Their answer, or lack of one, may be revealing. Please let us know by posting in our forums -

And write to your councillor (you can use the same website to send a free fax) and/or Chief Executive of your Local Authority to ask just how much of the £241 million set-up and £41 million per year running costs will be showing up in your council tax. The lack of central funding for ContactPoint may well be news to them. You might also ask all of the above how they justify spending millions on an intrusive, insecure 'address book' when the money could be better spent on the specialist and targeted services that well over 50% of the children whose details will be held on ContactPoint will never need.
[1] see


Newmania said...

I do worry about the amount of data that is being kept about is Lilith and as the Japs found out in the US in world war two ...its confidentail until someone decides it isn`t

Lilith said...

It is so creepy. I am going to ask my MP if he expects his children to be left off the list.

electro-kevin said...

It wouldn't be so concerning if I trusted the incumbent regime.

For example there are very good reasons for DNA databasing of the whole population. Rapists could expect a 100% detection rate - who can argue with that ?

But we all sense that the impetus for all of this is not the welfare of the people but the overweening urges of those in power.

Lilith said...

A national DNA database would do little to convict rapists. The "Bath Rapist" is DNA aware and has evaded capture for over a decade. Never left any detectable DNA behind. Uses gloves, condoms (and a hairnet probably.) And most rapists are known to their victims and get off on a defence of "she wanted it" even if she is shredded, or was on rohypnol and alcohol at the time.

It is all about power over the people E-K.

electro-kevin said...

Good points, Lilith. But better for the victims that they are not raped bareback for want of a better expression - so in a rather limited way even this example is a success.

Yes I agree that it is control - would you feel any better about it if it were a less controlling government dealing with the issue ?

BTW it's nearly puppy time ! You must be so excited.

Lilith said...

I am absurdly excited E-K. I am wandering about saying "little dog" in an utterly random fashion.

On the subjece of rape I was rather interested in the invention outlined here..

Tuscan Tony said...

I would be fearful for reprisals meted out on the wearer, Lilith.

Lilith said...

Yes, TT, but then again, Rape is already a reprisal. If widely distributed and used they might make some difference in the long term. A gruesome yet strangely practical defence.

electro-kevin said...

I did once buy my wife a capsule attached to her keyring in a plastic cover. The idea being that the capsule, once broken, leaked a fluid which emitted a highly unpleasant odour - guaranteed to dampen any attacker's ardour.

On an unrelated issue - I got blitzed on Friday night ... and blogged. Fatal ! I'm still finding wreckage everywhere.

Lilith said...

Bless you E-K, you are a one. I don't think you've said anything nasty, just made overtures you can't follow up with a symphony, that's all...:-)

Boyfriend says that if you are a computer programmer (as he was) it was fatal to go for a drink on a Friday lunchtime. You spent Monday clearing up the disasters....