Friday, 31 August 2007

Fantastic groove from Bristol and Pakistan


idle said...

Very good indeed.

Radio 4 did a good half hour programme on NF Ali Khan about a fortnight ago.

I had a job in the 80s that took me to Lahore three or four times a year and I loved qawwali music and the dancing down at the diamond market. The crucial thing was to have clients who kept you well exposed to Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Lilith said...

I love this Idle. NFA Khan was incredible.

How cool to have a job that took you to Lahore.

I have a major yen to go to Syria.

True Blue said...

Lilith: I too, would love to go Syria and the Lebanon. Did try to access your Music but obviously, as usual, not pressing the right buttons !
Off topic : have you got Pig Doglet yet ?
I have actually published a little anecdote, on my new site, hope you`ve time to read it ! Lots of loove to Doglet from Auntie Di xxxx

electro-kevin said...

What about the puppy ?