Saturday, 28 July 2007

Our Pup

We found him today. He is 3 weeks old, so we get him in September. You can see he was pleased to see me. Half Patterdale, half Collie.


Tuscan Tony said...

Ahhhh! Same colouration as our Woody. Beautiful dog, bet you can't wait.

Scroblene said...

Fan-bloody-tastic Lilith!

September will be good weatherwise, and I'm sure you don't need to, but we lost about a stone each just walking her!

Patterdale? A new one on me...but Collie; blimey Gal, you'll be in the Olympics at this rate - fit as a fit person's fit bits!

Bet you can't wait, and your blog is now assured till Christmas!

Lilith said...

Ohh Scrobs, but I do, I do. When I met Boyfriend I was a size 8. Now I am 12 to 14. Too much contentment and not enough dog walking!

electro-kevin said...

Awwww !

You don't want me to take it out on the Moor for you ??? No ???

Lilith said...

You need to watch that urge E-K..

"he started out with humane the end, he did it just to see the look on their little bunny faces..."

electro-kevin said...

Suffer the little bunnies ... hnnn !

Not really, Lilith - no pleasure in it.

I did laugh once when I read a magazine recently which had a recipe in it:

Rack of Bunny with New Potatoes

I can see that being a favourite with the kids.

Lilith said...

My Dad grew up on a farm in New Zealand. One day he saw the whole hill in front of the house move. Except that it wasnt the hill, it was a blanket of rabbits. They poisoned 3,ooo in one night with jam laced with strychnine.

On my first introduction to my ex's parents I was taken "Rabbiting" after dinner. Dressed in chiffon and jersey I climbed into the front of a landrover. Blokes climbed onto the back and two dogs climbed all over me. Rabbits froze in the headlights and the blokes on the back shot them. They were later frozen and fed to the dogs. I was in shock for a while.

Scroblene said...


Course you can'e wait - why should you worry!

Size 8!

I would have had to look twice to see it won't be long eh!

Rabbit tale hurts doesn't it!

Off topic, (maybe on topic), have you heard The 'Rabbit Proof Fence' music by Peter Gabriel?

Melts the body, and I still can't watch the film yet because of the subject...Probably my favourite pices of music!

idle said...

Are you SURE about the breeding, lilith? Instead of a collie/patterdale, could it be a mole/mole?

We can rely on you to post another pic in a month to prove the pedigree, no doubt. Friends round here have a patterdale. Cracking mutt.

I might start a blog just to post a pic of the faithful idle hound so you can get your own back. Help needed, though.

The Hitch said...

He looks like snoopy in a SWAT outfit

true blue said...

He`s so gorgeous Lilith. Any ideas about a name ? He looks like a "Spike" to me !