Saturday, 21 July 2007

My darling girl

My beautiful daughter (now 17) has trouble with the material world. She is deciduous and sheds possessions and often is unequipped for the situation at hand. Recently she rang from Bristol to tell me she had left her suitcase on Salisbury station. She lost £57 in a week, in two separate incidents of forgetfulness on public transport. Mobile phones don't last that long either. She told me this rhyme that she has made up to help her keep it together.

Before you pass out through this door
Wot what you forgot before
If your Mum you wish to please
You should not forget your keys
Nor leave behind at home your coat
That would really get her goat

Mobile phone, and money too
Railcard and rendezvous
If away for several days
Knickers, toothbrush and pj's
And maybe a spare pair of shoes
If you be off to see the coos (sic)

If you can check off all this list
Then go before your train is missed...

(My ex has cows)

† wot
"to know" (archaic), from O.E. wat, first and third person singular present indicative of witan "to know," from P.Gmc.


Tuscan Tony said...

Excellent stuff! Sounds like a younger vesrion of Mrs Tuscan - I shall refer her to this post/poem immediately!!

electro-kevin said...

I have this to come - yikes !

Lilith said...

As you can see, she had to be kept in a cage from a young age.

Newmania said...

What a sweety

Thank heavens for liddle girls
They grow up in the most delightful way

Miss Smack said...


Scroblene said...

That's an incredible picture Lilith!

Lovely sight first thing in the morning.

Getting lost in Bristol is a favourite hobby of mine; there isn't a straight road there at all, and I occasionally go round in ever decreasing circles, until I'm looking at my own bum!

Lilith said...

Bristol is particularly nightmarish at the moment, Scrobes. They have knocked down the middle, making negotiating the centre a very nasty experience. I try to stay out of the big city...

Yes, she was/is a delight in the mornings...Back then, that grin would make your day. Now you get a grunt and huge blinking blue eyes of disbelief and horror that it is morning time...

Philipa said...

Aww she's adorable, and has her mothers good looks.