Saturday, 21 July 2007

Finally, thank you Google/GCHQ

Now they let me post again. Bastards. Do they realise how many fabulous posts of unimaginable wit and creativity they have destroyed with their random (?) censorship?
I was going to post one on Jacqui Smith who said, "I broke the was wrong" which is the funniest thing a Home Secretary has said in a long while. However the Beeb has changed the quote to "I broke the law....I was wrong" which is not quite so funny.

I was going to post one on Lord Levy's relief but I feel too sick.

I was going to post a celebration of Scroblene's birthday, but that will have to wait till next year.


electro-kevin said...

I know how you feel about Levy, but this just wasn't going to happen. It was revealed about six months ago that Nu Lab were confident for reasons circumstantial that this investigation would not be ALLOWED to become a prosecution. Or am I becoming a conspiracy theorist ?

Wait until it's Lord Mandelson too - we have that delight yet to come. At least errant Conservatives went down on us :-)These bastards walk regardless of what they've done.

About the only thing Nu Lab suck is taxpayers' blood.

Lilith said...

Christ its infuriating E-K. I am all for for a private prosecution, and have signed up my willingness to contribute on Guido.