Friday, 29 June 2007

Back early

And just in time, looking at the weather maps.

Are there any scientists out there who can explain to me how you carry out a controlled explosion on "the Mercedes, packed with 60 litres of petrol, gas cylinders and nails"?

Is that a safe thing to do? Thank god we have NuLab to protect us from "international terrorism" found out who was responsible quickly!


electro-kevin said...

Hnnn ! So wise. But wrong about Greenham Common methinks.

You said the weather was bad ?

Just goes to prove that a good time is down to who you're with rather than where you're at.

Scroblene said...

"Just goes to prove that a good time is down to who you're with rather than where you're at".

That line was never used in 'Like a rolling stone', Kev!

I reckon you're a closet song writer...

Lilith, do you still have your Greenham Common tent? They need some at a certain fete going on...

Lilith said...

Oh yes EK. We were very snug in our tent ;-)

I went to Greenham aged 18. I was terrified we would have a nuclear war. I was terrified the Americans would start it. They even had "first strike" weapons on our soil at Greenham Common, crappy cruise missiles that couldn't be relied upon to get anywhere near their targets.

It was more than just a protest for me. I discovered that women of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds can be beautiful and funny and interesting. It gave me something to do with my anger that didn't hurt anyone. And I discovered camping is fun!!!!

I never had a tent Scroblene...we slept in benders, polythene artfully draped over low branches. I only stayed a few times, as I was meant to be getting a degree.

These days I have a splendid tent, one of those Kayams that you can stand up in but only takes 5 mins to put up.

Anonymous said...

They didnt blow them up they took them away in a van... Glad you are back safe and sound!!

electro-kevin said...

I wrote that when under the influence, Lilith (that's where my inspiration came from, Scrobs)

You sound a very principled person, Lilith - I'm not really. Hence I spent my youth in the plod and you campaigning for world peace. But actually I turned out to be a hippy in a uniform with a weekly wage (I have one unused truncheon under my bed). You'd be surprised that cops come in different sizes and have great senses of humour too.


Lilith said...

So why did the BBC report a "controlled explosion" then?

Was it like Brian O'hanrahanrahan in the Day to Day when Chris Morris challenged the truthfulness of his report?

Lilith said...

E-K, I wouldn't be at all surprised...In my late 20's I studied with a Met traffic cop. Once, in a tea break, he was sat on a couch and I lay down and rested my head in his lap. He stroked my hair and I began telling him about my misspent youth and my fondness for a cannabis cigarette...suddenly I remembered what his job was...we just laughed and laughed when I asked him if this was how he processed all suspects, as it was a sure fire way to get a confession!

I have always been a hippy. But these days I wonder about putting rapists, murderers and paedophiles on St Kilda, sod the wildlife, and leave them to chance their arm.

So indeed, Kev, the tables turn!

electro-kevin said...

Lucky old traffic cop.

(their unofficial insignia is a black rat)

Lilith said...

He was a poppet Kev. A gentle giant.