Monday, 9 April 2007

Time to sort it out!

I am amazed but some men do this.

Or this,

with their hair.
Now, some men can't help having difficult hair,

Somehow they pull it off.

Other times they dont.

But in general I am in favour of this option for the folically challenged.
Lets face it. It doesnt even suit the dog.


mutleythedog said...

I am entirely bald on the left hand side - what options do I have other than a comb overs - so to speak??

Barnsley Bill said...

shave it you goober.
Lilith, you r gentle posts are getting funnier by the day. I pinched your easter egg pic and emailed it to everybody today. keep it up.

Ratty. said...

I have no hair, I would rather stick hot pins in my eyes than wear a syrup. Mind you I do attract a few strange looks when I indulge in a bit of cross dressing.

Lilith said...

Mutley, come on round. I will give you a make-over.

Lilith said...

Thanks Bill :-)

Lilith said...

Ratty, do you go to parties as Sinaed O'Connor? I am glad you have opted for the dignified and manly option. I mean, Donald Trump?

Long grey pony tails with a bald patch at the top are a no-no too. I don't care how much of a hippie they are, there is no excuse. (Or so I say to my boyfriend, as he plaits his long white mane)

Ms Smack said...

bald men are sexy as hell.