Thursday, 12 April 2007


It is gorgeous outside. Today I walked around Westonbirt and thanked the Holfords for planting all those trees over a century ago.. So many different shades of green. Fecund. Rococo blossoms and phallic buds, swoony fragrances blindsiding me. I noticed how little boys of all sizes like to carry sticks. It was so lovely I am surprised Bliar hasn't made it illegal to go there.
Along the route to Westonbirt there were huge billboards letting motorists know that Westonbirt exists. This brings me to something that really ticks me off. The Nu Labour urge to plaster the countryside with "educational" signs. I mean, if you have an area of outstanding natural beauty, and there are a few around here, why spoil it with a score of signs placed every 50 yds saying "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty"?!
Like you would miss the beauty if you couldn't read.

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