Saturday, 21 April 2007

James Blunt (rhyming slang)

Never mind allowing the armed services to sell their stories....when are they going to stop them from singing?


Electro Kevin said...

Re the title - I'm glad it's not just me that thinks that.

The lyrics to You're Beautiful have to be the most cringe making ever. There used to be a gameshow called 321 and involved the host asking questions in the form of infantile rhymes - I believe that this is where Mister Blunt got his inspiration.

Lilith said...

So true EK, so true. My girl knows someone who is having You're Beautiful at her wedding! Why not go the whole hog and have "Out of Time" by the Stones if that's the kind of sentiment the bride/groom wants to convey?

I can't tell you how irritating and unattractive I find this person and his whining. In fact it even irritates me that his picture is on my blog.

Lilith said...

By the way EK, you must be so proud of you boy..."Can't get me Mister, except with an ASBO". I LOVE HIM.

Ms Smack said...

My 11 year old daughter thinks James Blunt looks like a pez dispenser.

I think there are more lovely songs to choose from personally.. but hey, its her day.

Lilith said...

Ha ha ha ha Ms Smack! I LOVE your girl too! She's her mother's daughter, sharp as a razor.

Newmania said...

Lillith you are god ! I laughed so loud the office ground to a halt .

" Your Beautiful Your Beautiful
Your Beautiful its true
I saw your face in a crowded
Now I don`t know what to do "

AAAAAAARRGGGGGGGGG I detest this git he does dirt on the pure joy or pop and rock. I will have to cleanse my pallet by listening to some Ugly ( Stranglers )

" Its only the children of the fucking wealthy that get to be good looking" !!

Now thats a lyric or in pop tart mode
" Outside I `m masquerading
Inside my hope is fading "

I love music and this sort of thing reminds me how much I used to care about it ..

Or what about Run DMC

Mysterious and serious I ain't no joke
Fire from the depths of hell AND YOU CAN SMELL THE SMOKE!

Hoo ha

Toodle Pip old fruit

Lilith said...

One of the finest lines in pop music is

"I'm never gonna dance again; guilty feet have got no rhythm"

Newmania said...

If he had continued" ..or sing again or in fact do anything except sit in Highgate fetting fat it would have been a better line"

( In my humble opinion)

Lilith said...

As I have said elsewhere, Mr Newmania, George is the Peoples Poof and as such beyond reproach.

I don't have much of his music anymore though! I find it acts as a laxative.

Newmania said...

Ha ha ha

Electro Kevin said...

Good morning, starshine - the Sun says 'Hello'

Aaah, luvverly.

Who'd have thought Blunt the **** would've generated such interest ?

Libby said...

Well said.