Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Hasn't medicine changed?

This is the worlds first steam driven vibrator c1869. Vibrators, or medical massage devices were invented to save doctors the time and trouble of inducing hysteria-curing paroxysms manualy. Men would call for the doctor if their wives showed signs of hysteria ie. getting wet.

Doctors found this treatment laborious and were hugely grateful for the new machines.

The action is a plunging motion of the center disk at the end combined with a rotating eccentric weight. There were also applicators that would screw into the center disk. It is hand cranked

Vibrator innovation was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the small electric motor.
In 1902 the home vibrator was the fifth electrical appliance to enter the home, just after the sewing machine and before the iron.


Anonymous said...

How exciting- I have a huge steam powered dildo which is currently in the garage of Aunty M. She insists she needs it...

Minx said...

Good job we have moved on from all that old-fashioned hysteria. I think the phrase 'hand cranked' could still be applied in certain situations.

Lucien Modo said...

Are you feeling the lack of anything Lilith?

Electro Kevin said...

Electric is a better, cleaner and faster way to the perfect orgasm.

So says electro-kevin

(I am experimenting with Mexican jumping beans and cucumbers to produce the World's first organic vibrator.)

Newmania said...

Oh Lillith no no no , a babe with an avowedly shapely bottom should have no recourse to mechanical aids .Having made us all feel redundant I hope you are going to do a long post about how great men are.

You can`t beat a women in my book ...god they are so strict about that and she hadn`t ironed my shirt the lazy bint.

Boyfriend said...


Don't worry - my lovely Lilith is looked after just fine :-)

Croydonian said...

Much play is made of various sex aids in 'The Road to Wellville', set at the turn of the last century.

Lucien Modo said...

Can anyone smell chocolate?

Newmania said...

Perhaps you just haven`t met the right chap Lillith ...that boyfriend character sounds to me as if he is insuffieciently attentive to your needs.

my lovely Lilith is looked after just fine :-)

How does he know , is he readng the small tell tale signs ? Sounds a bit to sure of himself to me

Electro Kevin said...

No no no ! Newmania - I feel Lilith has met the right chap but found the wrong dildo.

I fail to see how a Victorian intruder can match up to an Elizabethan Rampant Rabbit with ears.

Newmania said...

I read a story once well itwas a book called the Fermata where the girl fixed a phallic device to the back wall of a truck and got the engine to judder.

Why don`t we get good sex toys its not that hard . I only need a vaguely female form and a small voice machine to say "You are really great"...and you can relax don`t do it .

Ratty. said...

It is a known fact that the oldest and 'Greenest' sexual aid is a hamster, mouse, or dare I say Rat!
Many an accident has occurred with electrical appliances and 'wet places'

Lilith said...

I wish there was some chocolate. I am depressed tonight because I read the Times today. Its full of this lying cheating squirming shit government. I have also run out of batteries and skunk. And I have already seen tonight's episode of Desperate Housewives:-(

Anonymous said...

I am up for a shag if you are interested.. just thought I would mention it.

Lilith said...

Mutley, is Aunty M in the west country? Would she put me up over night?

Minx, I have a very motile uterus and require endless therapy.

Lucien, see above.

EK, if you need anyone to test the prototype you know where I am.

Newmania, I once was a man hating harpie who annoyed men by finding it easier to pull a straight woman than them. Now I am just a harpie.

Boyfriend, XXXXX

Croydonian, must investigate.

Lucien, see above.

EK, the situation of right boyfriend, wrong dildo makes a refreshing change and my preferred situation.

Newmania, you are really great!

Ratty, my hamster died. She was called Masaccio.

Mutley, What, and spoil a beautiful friendship?

I only get the steam vibrator out on really cold winter evenings.

Newmania said...

She funny Lady

Ratty. said...

That last picture.
I found one of those things in the pantry. Lady R. said it was a paint stripper, are sure of your information.

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