Saturday, 21 April 2007


I only discovered South West Cornwall three years ago. I have been each spring since. Some crazy quaker dudes set up some EXTRAORDINARY gardens down there over a hundred years ago and they have reached perfection long after the death of their founders. Some are still in the same family that started them, some are owned by the National Trust. My favorites have not been got by the National Trust yet.

There is Trebah for example

Just one of the many lush places that are tucked away down here. It is just not possible to see all the best gardens in a week.

We even got to Tresco for the day in Scilly.

I took the boyfriend and the 16yr old. Asking her if she wanted to come with us for a week in Cornwall hanging out in gardens she responded "Cornwall, with pensioners. Hmm. Ok!"

The fantastic thing about a lot of these places is that they are EMPTY. You can have all the glorious rhododendrons, azaleas and camelias to yourself whilst everyone else is at The Eden Project or Helligan (neither of which I have visited and both of which are considerably more expensive).

The only place we ran into HOARDS of pensioners was on the Tresco Abbey Garden but it is big enough to duck out anyone's path. Daughter expressed surprise at the grey populace. I reassured her . "By the time you are my age, everyone will look like that." I said. I have her in training already. It was lovely however that she enjoyed the week too, and was genuinely astonished by the extraordinary beauty we found.

One morning we were having a leisurely breakfast in the garden of the cottage we rented and we got canvassed by the local council Tory candidate. We 'fessed up to being leftie libertarians and our bile for Mr Bliar and Broon. He was a nice bloke, hard working for his community. What I found fascinating was that he described himself as the

"Only Cornish candidate...all the rest are English".


Ratty. said...

"Only Cornish candidate...all the rest are English".
That's great. It's called pride in your heritage, language and traditions. What chance do the Cornish stand when even the English are being denied their roots. The welsh language has been promoted and coddled for years whilst the Cornish language is all but extinct.
Great pasties.

Lilith said...

Yes Ratty, although I was amused it still seemed right and proper and a fine selling point for the man. GREAT pasties and fish and chips to die for...

Minx said...

Ratty, England is on the other side of the bridge - it's a fact that all Cornish people know.
When most of Cornwall went to support their county at a rugby final at Twickenham some years ago, some wag had put a sign up on the bridge "Will the last person out please turn off the lights and tell the English we're up the pub".

Lilith, I would urge a visit to Eden and Heligan, especially this time of year. Both are fascinating.
I would also recommend Glendurgan and Lanhydrock.

Lilith said...

Thank you for the garden tips, Minx. Will definately check them out. We are being very indulgent this year and going back to Cornwall in June.

Are you Cornish yourself?

Newmania said...

I love Cornwall Lillith we discovered the North Coast last year and we are going straight back again this year. There are less people there and its like being in the famous five and having ripping adventures.

Last year I sat on Brown Willy for an hour at least just enjoying the Moor.......

( its on the map )

Lilith said...

Newmania, I had no idea you were into Arab men...

Newmania said...

Its the other way round Lillith........they are etc.

I do hope you realise that was the gag I meant in the first place . Brown Willy is next to Rough Tor on Bodmin Moor.

Did Othello at school

Lilith said...

Newmania, ;-)

And I shall try holidaying with Rough Tours next time, sounds like fun...